Track Materials

Insulated Tie Plates

Uniting rubber with fiber provides a combination of resiliency with strength and toughness in Seneca insulated tie plates. We also offer tie plates made from polyurethane. Our tie plates are noise and shock absorbent, designed to function at temperature extremes (-50° Celsius/-58° Fahrenheit to +80° C/+176° F), and resistant to ozone and weathering. Seneca tie plates are also resistant to compression set and tearing. For maximum long term service life and performance of the insulated rail joint assembly, one insulated tie plate should be used if the split of the rail is located on the tie.

Our tie plates are available for 85 pound to 141 pound track, and with six holes, six holes with two slots or eight holes. Immediate shipment is often available from inventory. Please specify the rail section or the width of the rail base when ordering.

Tie Pads

Seneca tie pads form a tough, resilient layer between the tie and steel plate, which helps prevent tie cutting, muffles noise and cushions vibration. In addition to being highly resistant to ozone, chemicals and weathering, Seneca tie pads are low cost and can increase savings on your track maintenance programs. Tie pads also help to reduce the loosening of track bolts, joints and spikes in tie plates. Tie pads are the low cost way to save on track maintenance.

Seneca offers rubber/fiber tie pads and polyurethane tie pads which are manufactured to suit each customer’s length and width specifications. Standard thickness’ are 3/16” or ¼”, but our tie pads are also available in nearly all thickness’ on special order.

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