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Comet Track Products (formerly Seneca Railroad and Mining, Inc.) was established in 1981 and we moved into our present facility in Bellevue, Ohio in 1983. Bellevue is just south of Lake Erie, between Cleveland and Toledo. We expanded our facility in 1994 as a result of our steady growth. Seneca traditionally manufactured products primarily for the railroad industry.

However, polyurethane’s benefits are important in many industrial applications. Polyurethane combines the strength of plastic with the resiliency of rubber, thereby offering a high degree of durability and wear resistance in all applications. In 1996, we expanded our polyurethane molding capabilities, allowing us to service more customers and in varying industries. We manufacture specialized polyurethane products in a wide variety of specifications.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Comet Track Products is committed to providing customers with prompt, professional service. We are a growing company, yet one which will always maintain the values of a small company: flexibility, creativity, and eagerness to “go the extra mile” for every one of our customers. We are committed to serving our customers by satisfying their needs, meeting our commitments to them and exceeding their expectations.

High Standards of Quality

With all Comet Track Products products, the highest quality standards are maintained, even with short to medium production runs. Our Quality Control Program ensures that our products are consistently reliable and durable. Our products undergo 100% inspection throughout the manufacturing process. Each component is scrutinized to guarantee perfection in design and excellence in quality. We also maintain active memberships in industry organizations to keep abreast of new developments.

Quick and Dependable Delivery

Because quick and dependable delivery is important to our customers, Seneca promotes a flexible work environment so that production schedule changes can be made as needed. We also plan ahead so that we can keep common parts in stock for immediate delivery. Due to our efficiency, flexibility, and inventory, we are capable of handling orders quickly, thus keeping lead times to a minimum.

And Competitive Prices

It is both our immediate and long-term goal to be the low cost provider of castable polyurethane products. Our purchasing and manufacturing efficiencies allow us to control cost and sell high quality products, at competitive prices. We are constantly striving to improve efficiency so that we can maintain firm pricing for longer periods of time.

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Comet Rail (formerly Seneca Railroad & Mining) is available during US business hours to help answer your questions.
PH: 419.483.7764

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